Shadows are simply a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface. Shadows have no substance, but they are capable of forcing their inexperienced witnesses to fear.

Psa. 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Sometimes we have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. However, the shadow would not be present if the light wasn’t shining behind it. Spiritually, shadows can be personified as the trials, tests and tribulations of this life. Without a doubt, the journey to righteousness in the midst of the toil and plight does not go without its insecurities. Spiritual obscurity leads us to believe, at times, that God has forgotten us and is nowhere to be found in the hopeless and despairing situations. Nonetheless, just as shadows have no substance, the struggles of this life cannot truly shake us unless we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed, looking through eyes of the flesh. Shadows can do us no harm, for we walk by faith and not by sight.We have to remember that the LORD is the one who created the light and the darkness.The everlasting King of the universe has carefully orchestrated every moment of his children’s lives. He is the light of the world- He is the light of grace in our lives. Even though He is good all the time, there are moments of difficulty in every saint’s life. Sometimes, God allows the difficulties of this life to temporarily block the light of His abundant goodness. Sometimes, we have to walk through rough patches of deficiency because the Lord is testing us, to see our reaction, to see if we will still trust him.The scripture states that in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Perfect love casts out fear. God is love, and if we entertain his presence despite doubt, despite insecurity, despite the opposition, his perfect love does’t leave any room for fear. God’s love towards us and our unwavering trust in him should shatter every fear amidst the shadows we may encounter in our walk with Him. So no matter how bleak and ominous the shadows of trouble may be, we must keep the faith, and stay encouraged because God is the one behind it all.


Have You Seen Him?

“We were eyewitnesses of His majesty.”  1 Peter 1:16

Jesus. The man. The bronzed Galilean who spoke with such thunderous authority and loved with such childlike humility. The one who claimed to be older than time and greater than death...Have you seen Him? Those who first did were never the same. ”My Lord and my God!” cried Thomas. “I have seen the Lord.” exclaimed Mary Magdalene. “We have seen His glory.” declared John. “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked?” rejoiced the two Emmaus-bound disciples. But Peter said it best. “We were eyewitnesses of His majesty.” (God Came Near)


Psalm 34:17



You Shall Overcome!


Living for God doesn’t mean that we will be sheltered from difficult times. It’s part of being human, everyone experiences hardship. In the book of John, God lets us know that in Him we have perfect peace and confidence, and in the world we will have tribulation and trials, distress and frustration, but we should be of good cheer (take courage; be confident; certain) for Jesus overcame the world (He deprived it of power to harm us, and He conquered it for us). In obedience we surrender our will to the Lord because He has provided a way for us to overcome all trials and temptations that come against us. We must trust that He is working all things for our good. When you go through hard times of testing and suffering, remember to keep His Word close to you, even in your heart. Trust in every promise. Pray, worship, praise, stay connected to the saints of God, continue to be faithful to HIs House. Repent, confess, and lift up your head, stand strong on the rock of your salvation. For He cares for you and He knows what you’re going through. He loves you more that you will ever know and He will never leave you nor forsake you.


Love God With All Your Heart

“You will never cease to be the most amazed person on earth at what God has done for you on the inside.”  Oswald Chambers quote

“You will never cease to be the most amazed person on earth at what God has done for you on the inside.”
Oswald Chambers quote


A Little Leaven…

In science class we were learning about protein, cells, viruses and how they are all associated. Cells and viruses have protein in the majority of their mass. Cells are living, but viruses are not. Although both of these structures are made up of protein, viruses do not have the same living properties as a cell. When viruses are introduced to a cell, the cell is deceived because it’s made of the same stuff, and invites it in. Once the virus is in the cell, it develops the living properties of a cell. Once it develops the living properties, it multiplies and multiplies until the cell explodes. Then it starts trying to attack and infect other parts of the body. It’s amazing how a virus can go from a nonliving agent, to contaminating a body.

Spiritually, we are the cells. Satan and his harmful, corruptive influences are the viruses. If we aren’t prepared for an attack, we let little things in our life that seem harmless, such as a bad friend, a bad habit or ideas of rebellion. These deceiving properties do not have dominion over us. Little do we know, that when we let even the slightest bit in, it can develop living properties. Once it develops these properties, it tries to multiply and multiply. Until we lose any control we might have had previously. Before we know it, that seemingly benign idea is taking over our lives. This example, shows us as saints why we must be so careful with what we let into our lives, what we entertain and even what we want.


Gal. 5:7 Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?

Gal. 5:8 This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you.

Gal. 5:9 A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.


The Wise Know The Interpretation

Eccl. 8:1 Who is as the wise man? and who knoweth the interpretation of a thing? a man’s wisdom

maketh his face to shine, and the boldness of his face shall be changed.


Who is enlightened?  Who knows the meaning of a thing?  A man’s illumination makes the things he

encounters reflect light and cause him to excel, the hardness of what he encounters will become

different and cause him to entirely transform.


Who is as the wise man- Who is enlightened?


Wise-having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment; intelligence, clever, learned,

ENLIGHTENED, smart, sensible, discerning, rational, logical.


And who knoweth the interpretation of a thing-Who knows the meaning of a thing?

Interpretation- the action of EXPLAINING the meaning of something; explanation, MEANING,

analysis, rendition, evaluation, examination.


A man’s wisdom maketh his face to shine- A man’s illumination makes what he encounters reflect

light and excel. Wisdom- intelligence, sense, common sense, smartness, quality of being wise.

Face-used to express emotion, OUTWARD ASPECT of something, the surface of a thing, to

confront and deal with, overcome something someone or something, have in prospect, cover the

surface of with a layer of different material. Countenance, expression, side, appearance, FRONT,

respect, beset, brave, ENCOUNTER


Shine-to give out a bright light, make bright by rubbing it or polishing it, quality of brightness in

REFLECTED LIGHT, emit light, radiate, polish, EXCEL, glow. And the boldness of his face shall be changed.-the hardness of what he encounters will become different and entirely transform him.

Boldness- HARDNESS, the quality of being impudent, insolent, heavy, thick, so confident as to



Changed- to make or become different, ENTIRELY TRANSFORM, take or use another instead.


The wisdom and interpretations coming from the Word that are inside of us will give us light and

illumination (wisdom) so powerful that when we face the challenges around us (face, hardness), we

will excel (shine) and entirely transform (change) for the better.

What would be hard for us to do(boldness, hardness), is a light burden now because of the

wisdom and discernment that God has given our spirit(change).


The Power From The Lamb Being Slain

The victory was already obtained

It is up to us to maintain

Every weapon the enemy throws our way

Cannot be proven effective

Unless WE allow it to stay

When fear knocks at the door

Salvation is waiting to restore

There are so many blessings that we haven’t activated

Even though the Lord has made them all accessible

So many good things we have traded

For weakness, confusion and loss

Because of what the devil whispered in our ear

But, we cannot forget the Cross

We must remember that the Lord predestinated us to be superior

He shed His Blood for our triumph

And, for the devil’s defeat

Sin, fear, and death are all obsolete

We cannot let His sacrifice be in vain

We must always remember the power

Coming from the Lamb being slain


Pressure Brings Perfection

You can’t be the champion without opposition

You can’t conquer without an enemy

You can’t win unless you have something to fight against

Strong currents can cleanse

Fire can purify

The struggles of this life can break us

Or leave us with more strength and might

Though it may not be easy to see

In the heat of the moment

Pressure can turn your most difficult time

When your sword is bent

And you feel like you have nothing left

Into something that is perfect

If we learn from affliction

If we try harder after each trial

We will soon realize

That every pressured moment

Is worth our while


All for His Remnant

Blood shed

Peirced sides

A crown of thorns

A sacrificed life

All for a remnant,

Though the blessings of this sacrifice

Are accessible to all

There are few He has truly called




Slander that was fatal,

All for his remnant

He gave his everything

So all could receive

And reach their full potential:

What He has called us to be

But only few, take advantage

Of this opportunity

To live free of iniquity

Though all could be part of this

If they asked their sins to be forgiven,

God’s true heritage,

Is but a remnant