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We’d love to hear your feedback on how the Lord is using the MSAC LiveStream to bless your life! We see it a privilege to help you join with us in worship and word online. – MSAC Media Ministry
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  1. by Rob Hadley

    Please comment tell us what you think.

    • by Jennifer Bronson

      I JUST signed into ROKU gave them my credit card info and everything and it said there was no such channel for msacthruth. what do I do I don’t even want to be on there the only reason I did was bc above it says we r now live on ROKU to add channel click button below. I did and found nothing. please help.

      • by Rob Hadley

        Do you have a ROKU device? I ask that just to make sure I understand completely what is going on. If you follow the link that is on our site it should take you to our page on ROKU, if you are on your ROKU device. Or you can search msactruth, as well. Hope that information helps, but if not I will try to assist you further.

    • by Ray Marquez

      I have been trying to catch wed Bible study on my Ipad with I am not getting anything and so I just tried my lap top and still I am not getting anything are you still streaming Live on Wed. Nights?

      • by Rob Hadley

        Our schedule has been changing and we will not be having some services each week. Please feel free to check out our calendar for canceled dates; sorry for the inconvenience. The schedule is here MSAC SCHEDULE

  2. by yesquer

    Can I watch on my iPad?

  3. by yesquer


  4. by jackie king

    Duet. 28:41…WOW. How many times I have read that, and not read that. What an awesome bible study Pastor. I am speachless.

  5. by Martha Reinoso

    So grateful, I was able to watch the entire service today from home. Truly a blessing that this is available.

  6. by Deborah Connolly

    I am so Blessed to watch service via internet, Thank you to everyone who makes it possible, God Bless ALL of you :)

  7. by Abi Goss

    Incredible message tonight–shared with multiple friends on FB and it ensued a discussion. Thankful for this ministry…

    • by Rob Hadley

      Thank you for watching we are glad that it has been a blessing.

  8. by jackie king


  9. by Amanda Contreras

    With a houseful ok sick kids, it’s such a blessing to be able to watch online! Thank you Bishop for another timely message! Stirred me up!

  10. by Amanda Contreras

    What a “PERFECT” message tonight Pastor Jason!!! Just what I needed!!!

  11. by Deborah Connolly

    No internet today?

    • by Rob Hadley

      The stream seems to working fine on our end. If there is still an issue when you read this, let me know I will see if I can help you figure out what the problem is.

  12. by wundernana

    Bishop and Pastor – thank you so much for “live Stream”! With having to stay home with my hubby, it’s such a joy to still be able to be in church. I’ve been blessed so many time when unable to attend in person. God bless your both!

  13. by wundernana

    Great Message, Bishop! Again, Thanks so much for supporting Live Stream! Right now I’d be lost without it. Love my church family. God bless

  14. by Pauline Young

    Thank You so much for that wonder preach word of God..awesome message…Thank You Jesus.

  15. by ricky southern

    Doesn’t seem to work with my android mobile phone!

    • by Rob Hadley

      When watching the stream on a mobile device you may need to use the mobile link, it is a button bottom left under the stream box. Thank and I hope that helps.

  16. by Deborah Connolly

    Hi Everyone pastor Jason keeps getting cut off….Not sure if you’re aware of the problem :(
    God Bless Thank you

  17. by Rob Hadley

    If anyone is having sound issues, please check to make sure the volume bar is turned all the way up on the screen. You can do this by moving your mouse over the streaming video and the menu will appear. Make sure bar is completely to the right.

  18. by Julie GM

    Thank you for live streaming! I’m watching as I lay in my hospital bed & I’m so thankful I could do so! I’m in much pain, having many tests done & my husband brought my bible to me. Many prayers have been said & some already answered. I can only keep praying until Jesus hears me & does as he wishes. I have faith & feel it also. I have MSAC to thank with all my heart.

  19. by Adriana Esquer

    Me and Tata Bernie will be going to be watching , well I might just watch it, he is resting still but please have the church keep him in prayers as well to keep up the good work & to get good rest … in Jesus name we can leave sooooon ! thank you all for all the prayers already !

  20. by Jay Reinoso

    So blessed to still be able to share worship & word with our church family. (Homesick for MSAC)

  21. by Paul Mendivil

    Just got back from camping. Good message by bishop

  22. by jackie king

    WOW…How revealing the answer to that question is. Thank you!

  23. by Pauline Young

    What an amazing song service and the preach word of God! So thankful for this live stream!

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