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Passover Versus Easter

Our attention to the beginning of our great salvation falls on the 14th day of the BIBLICAL month of Abib (an older name is Nissan-of Babylonian origin). This year Passover is on the evening of Monday, March 25th, and Easter is five days later.


The counterfeit day of Easter was handed to us by Roman Catholicism and is blindly followed by the lovers of tradition. There is a huge difference between these two days.  It’s more important to reverence the Word of God and its appointed holy days, and to break from following the commandments of men. No doubt the Spirit of God is grieved that the ministry makes no distinction between Passover and Easter. The resurrection of Christ shouldn’t be lessened by God’s people who make light of the ultimate sacrifice, the precious Blood that cleanses, keeps, saves, restores, and heals us.


I ask, If you had to choose between the Bible as the ultimate authority, or the Catholic/Protestant theory, what would your decision be? Your own answer should tell you whether you’re on fire for truth, or in the lukewarn crowd of tradition. If you choose to celebrate with Easter baskets and bunnies, then I caution you, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.220px-Israel's_Escape_from_Egypt

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